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Sleepy Wallace Logwood King Bed by Salas Furniture


Sleep like Belize's Legendary Captain Peter Wallace in this one-of-a kind, handcrafted, Logwood king-size bed from Salas Furniture. The Sleepy Wallace Logwood King Bed is much harder than it looks. That's because it is made from genuine Belizean Logwood, one of the hardest hardwoods known to man. Made to last! Sturdy and Strong!

  • Custom crafted from Genuine Belizean hardwood
  • Every Sleepy Wallace Logwood King Bed is unique
  • Custom made to fit specific king size mattresses
  • Logwood bed frame with mahogany side rails


Salas Furniture

Salas Furniture

Salas Furniture products are as distinctive as they are beautiful. They are custom-made to order, using genuine Belizean logwood, mahogany and other Belizean hardwoods. Salas furniture include some of the finest functional art ever made in Belize.


Logwood King Beds

Beautiful, yet Eco-Friendly— a logwood king bed from Salas Furniture will turn any room into a cozy jungle oasis and a master suite fit for a King with a fascinating and priceless piece of Belizean heritage as well. Made from fallen logwood branches, harvested from along the historic Belize River, logwood beds from Salas Furniture will take you back to the quiet days of Belize’s genesis. The brave and adventurous buccaneers who decided to make the fateful transition from pirates of the Caribbean to rugged logwood cutters were the men who unknowingly changed the course of history, and set the stage for what would eventually become modern day Belize.

Sleepy Wallace Logwood King Bed

The Sleepy Wallace Logwood King Bed gets its name from the legendary Scottish buccaneer Captain Peter Wallace, who lead one of the first European settlements in Belize. He was credited in the 1827 Almanack with discovering the mouth of the Belize River. Some historians even believe that the word Belize is a linguistic adaptation of  the captains last name. Around 1638 Captain Wallace used the Belize River as a place of retreat and eventually began a settlement along one of the river banks.  The story is that Wallace, or his followers, gave his own name to Belize, but since the Spaniards could not pronounce “w,” it was substituted with a “v,” creating “Vallis,” which was changed to “b,” thus resulting in “Balise” (source: Amandala, 09 September 2015).

Belizean Logwood

Logwood is well known to be one of the toughest and hardest woods on earth. It is so tough that termites avoid it! Logwood also has tremendous historical significance for Belize as the country’s first export. It was the valuable logwood that first lured Scottish buccaneers into Belize’s dense tropical forests. They entered by way of the Belize River and eventually formed a settlement which later became the country we now call Belize. Logwood was originally exported to Europe for making dye. Logwood is no longer exported from Belize and today it is used in rural areas mostly to make fence posts.

The Only Logwood Furniture Builder In Belize

Salas furniture was founded by Chris Salas of Isabella Bank located in the Belize River Valley, Belize District. He is the only furniture builder in Belize who creates furniture from logwood. Chris pours all his passion and craftsmanship into creating the impressive line of high quality hardwood beds you see here. Salas Furniture beds  are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. Chris himself will deliver and setup your bed in any room of your house, guest house, hotel or resort.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Salas Furniture employs a unique method of harvesting logwood that helps the tree which gives them the wood.  The Logwood that they harvest is dried and nature cured. They remove only the dried branches from the logwood trees which helps to improve the health of the trees. It also helps to keep their entire manufacturing process completely environmentally friendly.

Start Sleeping Like Belize’s Legendary Captain Wallace!

Here’s How To Order

  • Unlike other products on My Belize Store, beds by Salas Furniture are made to order and can take up to 3 weeks to build and deliver.
  • If you see a style of bed you like, simply click the add to cart button.
  • A 50% deposit is required at checkout and the balance can be paid anytime before the delivery date.
  • Full payment is required before delivery of all beds. Beds can be delivered anywhere within Belize.

Delivery Cost Within Belize

Belize district: $140
Orange walk: $240.00
Corozal : $300.00
Belmopan: $224.00
Cayo: $280.00
Placencia/Hopkins area: $320.00
Toledo: $440.00

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